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Woxsen - School Of Business

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5.49 10
5.58 10


5.46 10

Students life

5.45 10

Campus life

5.37 10

Opportunities and network

5.6 10

Value for money

Latest reviews for Woxsen - School Of Business

  • [Beta review] The university is amazing! I feel like it's the place I belong.

    [Beta comment] I couldn't have asked for anything more, and I am thankful every day for the fact that I have been given the opportunity to attend this university.
    • Academic5.5
    • Students life5.54
    • Campus life5.28
    • Opportunities and network5.24
    • Value for money6
    5.51 10
  • [Beta review] Very fun and very challenging.

    [Beta comment] I love this place and have grown as a person academically and socially here. This university has given me the opportunities and chances to pursue what I love and explore other fields of study I did not even know were out there before coming to school here.
    • Academic5.68
    • Students life5.36
    • Campus life5.56
    • Opportunities and network5.5
    • Value for money5.8
    5.58 10
  • [Beta review] I'm learning and growing a lot as a person and student.

    [Beta comment] This school pushes me intellectually, while encouraging me to pursue my other interests and grow in the face of adversity.
    • Academic5.56
    • Students life5.48
    • Campus life5.52
    • Opportunities and network5.38
    • Value for money5
    5.39 10

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