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Rome Business School

Better Manager For a Better World.

The Rome Business School is one of the world’s most international business schools. We welcome students from more than 120 countries around the world. We are a managerial training and research institute of excellence.

Our aim is to play a role in closing the gap between the academic world and the job market by providing managerial training courses suited to convey the knowledge necessary to kick off or develop professional careers or business activities.

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Overall rating - Rome Business School

Based on 14 reviews (9,834 views)

7.43 10
7.59 10


7.36 10

Students life

6.96 10

Campus life

7.19 10

Opportunities and network

8.04 10

Value for money

Latest reviews for Rome Business School

  • Too Bad

    Two of friends that attended this school reported that this school is a nightmare and a waste of money.

    Also, a colleague reported how they defrauded him.

    Be warn of fraud stars.

    Too bad
    • Academic0.1
    • Students life0.1
    • Campus life0.1
    • Opportunities and network0.1
    • Value for money0.1
    0.1 10
  • A complete fraud

    A complete rip off. The school do not refund applicant's money back to them when Italian Embassy refuses student visa application. Even though they are aware that it was not the applicant's fault. They do it because they know that the applicant is not in Italy to challenge them...
    • Academic0.1
    • Students life0.1
    • Campus life0.1
    • Opportunities and network0.1
    • Value for money0.1
    0.1 10
    • Academic9.12
    • Students life9.22
    • Campus life8.96
    • Opportunities and network9.42
    • Value for money9.5
    9.24 10
  • Rome Business School - MBA Experience

    I really recommend this school. Teachers, staff are great and what I really like is that's a really international environment!
    • Academic10
    • Students life10
    • Campus life9.8
    • Opportunities and network8.38
    • Value for money10
    9.64 10
  • Rome business school experience

    A very enriching experience overall
    • Academic9.16
    • Students life8.24
    • Campus life6.08
    • Opportunities and network3.95
    • Value for money9
    7.29 10
  • A great and life-changing, cultural experience

    Studying at the Rome Business School has been one of the best choices of my life. World-class education, constant support, networking and company visits, excellent career service and internship.
    • Academic9.16
    • Students life9.24
    • Campus life7.98
    • Opportunities and network8.7
    • Value for money10
    9.02 10
  • Best Business School in Europe

    thank you for the best learning experience of my life! You RBS team are great!
    • Academic9.58
    • Students life9.64
    • Campus life9.5
    • Opportunities and network9.76
    • Value for money9.9
    9.68 10
  • Excellent experience

    loved it!
    • Academic8.9
    • Students life8.36
    • Campus life8.54
    • Opportunities and network9.12
    • Value for money9
    8.78 10
  • Very good school of management!

    My experience at the Rome Business School was rich, enthralling and stimulating. Not only did the course enable me to develop professionally, but it proved to be a truly all-encompassing professional and cultural growth path, thanks to the high teaching quality and to the...
    • Academic8.64
    • Students life8.16
    • Campus life8.18
    • Opportunities and network8.42
    • Value for money9.1
    8.5 10
  • Rigorous and International programmes, I loved it!

    I'm from Brazil and I attended the Master in HR at the Rome Business School. An amazing life experience, thank you to the staff and teachers!
    • Academic8.9
    • Students life8.04
    • Campus life7.4
    • Opportunities and network8.72
    • Value for money8.8
    8.37 10

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