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5.06 10
5.67 10


5.68 10

Students life

4.92 10

Campus life

3.74 10

Opportunities and network

5.27 10

Value for money

Latest reviews for Online Business School OBS

  • Please Read

    I was not going to write this review but thought I really should to raise awareness. I joined OBS last year (July 2016). At the start it was great, as everything they told me was false. If it sounds too good to be true then maybe it is, I paid £990 assuming I would be able...
    • Academic0.1
    • Students life0.1
    • Campus life0.1
    • Opportunities and network0.1
    • Value for money0.1
    0.1 10
  • Good teaching methods and quite intense for part time study.

    A professional and an interactive platform for learning. Which was good and beneficial.
    • Academic8.94
    • Students life9.4
    • Campus life4.7
    • Opportunities and network4.8
    • Value for money8.9
    7.35 10
  • brilliant

    Really happy with this course so far. Only started a few months back but so far so good!
    • Academic10
    • Students life9.82
    • Campus life9.88
    • Opportunities and network9.76
    • Value for money10
    9.89 10
  • Disappointment

    Can't recommend this institution, Go somewhere else. I was a Computing student at OBS, but decided to leave (after a few weeks of "learning"), since the course is highly impractical and, in my opinion - irrelevant for non-professionals. I have IT background, and even...
    • Academic3.65
    • Students life3.4
    • Campus life5
    • Opportunities and network0.3
    • Value for money2.1
    2.89 10

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