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IFA Paris is a renowned international fashion design and fashion business school with multiple international locations (Paris, Shanghai, Istanbul), offering undergraduate Bachelor and postgraduate Master/MBA degrees, covering all of the fashion industry. Our professors and lecturers are all established experts in the fashion industry and we encourage you to join us to blossom your creativity and share our passion for excellence. IFA Paris loves your talent!

Overall rating - IFA Paris

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9.72 10
9.76 10


9.57 10

Students life

9.67 10

Campus life

9.72 10

Opportunities and network

9.88 10

Value for money

Latest reviews for IFA Paris

  • highly recommended

    I am now studying Bachelor Fashion Marketing and am highly content with this school. I already have internship offers lined up, which is great. Their professors are really experienced professionals in the world of fashion and its just a lot of fun to learn and study here.
    • Academic9.9
    • Students life9.93
    • Campus life9.93
    • Opportunities and network9.9
    • Value for money9.8
    9.89 10
  • IFA Paris review

    I am just starting my 3rd year in Bachelor Fashion Marketing and I am very happy the way things are going. I can't wait to graduate to get in the real world, but I'll also dearly miss my time at IFA Paris with all the great lecturers, staff and my fellow classmates!
    • Academic9.72
    • Students life9.76
    • Campus life9.62
    • Opportunities and network9.5
    • Value for money9.9
    9.7 10
  • 110% satisfied

    I graduated last year and am very satisfied with my studies at IFA Paris. Their teachers were second to none and it was a very knowledgeable and enjoyable time at IFA. I can also now say that I have managed to get quite a good job right away after graduating, so they are well...
    • Academic9.54
    • Students life9.6
    • Campus life9.52
    • Opportunities and network9.46
    • Value for money10
    9.62 10
  • Very content with IFA PARIS!

    I graduated last year with a Bachelor in Fashion Design from their Paris campus. It was a great experience and gave me a great path to my current career, which is a designing assistant in a fashion house. Everyone at IFA Paris was great: fellow students, professors. It was a...
    • Academic9.66
    • Students life9.76
    • Campus life9.56
    • Opportunities and network9.68
    • Value for money9.8
    9.69 10
  • IFA PARIS is A+++

    Having gotten my Bachelor degree from IFA Paris, I am completely satisfied with my time at school studying as well as now with my career. IFA Paris and their professors and lecturers gave me the perfect stepping stone for a successful career. Their contacts were great and the...
    • Academic10
    • Students life10
    • Campus life9.76
    • Opportunities and network9.78
    • Value for money9.9
    9.89 10
  • can definitely recommend

    I just started pursuing my Bachelor in Fashion Design a few months ago and I can say I am super satisfied until now. Teachers are great experts, fellow classmates are very international and friendly and most importantly what we learn and how is perfect. Also already have some...
    • Academic9.92
    • Students life9.44
    • Campus life9.9
    • Opportunities and network9.75
    • Value for money10
    9.8 10
  • happy and successful alumni

    I'm a 2014 graduate and now alumni of IFA Paris and it gave me everything I wanted: a good education in a fun and challenging way at the same time and also a great stepping stone to my current career as a fashion consultant. I can recommend IFA Paris!
    • Academic9.85
    • Students life10
    • Campus life9.68
    • Opportunities and network9.92
    • Value for money9.9
    9.87 10
  • Graduate of Mba in Fashion Business

    I graduated with a MBA in Fashion Business last year and am now working for a luxury fashion brand in Paris in business development, which is my dream job. I loved my fellow international students but also the helpfulness and knowledge of all the teachers. Also quite cool that I...
    • Academic9.56
    • Students life9.08
    • Campus life9.8
    • Opportunities and network9.82
    • Value for money10
    9.65 10
  • IFA prepared me well for my fashion design career

    I graduated with a Bachelor in Fashion Design and enjoyed every day I spent at IFA. the modules were great and the teachers are all fashion industry professionals, so the quality was great. presenting my final collection at the annual IFA fashion show after years of learning was...
    • Academic9.9
    • Students life9.26
    • Campus life9.48
    • Opportunities and network9.58
    • Value for money9.8
    9.6 10
  • The school I needed !

    Being a fan of Fashion Design since my childhood, IFA Paris appeared as a the solution for me. It offers me all the knowledge I need to be efficient in my future professional life.
    • Academic9.74
    • Students life9.5
    • Campus life9.65
    • Opportunities and network9.83
    • Value for money9.6
    9.66 10

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